As a veterinarian, I do not know enough about nutrition.   I could study for years before I felt well-educated and up to date.    Veterinary nutritionists do just that, studying nutrition for an extra 3 or 4 years to become board certified.  It’s that complicated. And beware: the info on the web will totally confuse you. And don’t get your information about dog food from some commercial.  Or rely on the scanty information on the package label. It’s much more than that. When I shop:

I am looking for a dog food that has 

  • whole meats
  • no “by products” or “enteric contents” … OMG
  • no corn
  • no wheat or gluten
  • minimal preservatives
  • no red dye
  • good enough quality that it can be fed to people. These are my kids.
  • no raw ingredients …because I know too much about Salmonella food poisoning

I am open to suggestions about brands.  I have always believed in Purina. No more.  I feed Apex dry food to dogs and puppies alike. From Animal Supply House in Rock Hill.  I have tasted this food and I would be willing to eat it if it had enough milk and sugar on it.  Enough said.

I am looking for a cat food that has 

  • whole meats, preferably chicken and turkey
  • no “by products” or “enteric contents”
  • no corn
  • no wheat or gluten
  • minimal preservatives
  • no red dye
  • and can be substituted at a party for pate’

That cat food has to be a canned one.  It is necessary to add wheat and corn to make cat food into crunchy pellets.  But cats are obligatory CARNIVORES. We should feed them mice and birds. Or as close as we can get.  So I have changed ALL my opinions on cat food. No dry, all canned.  

Sorry…. crunching for the sake of teeth is not worth feeding wheat to cats!  


I feed my own kitties Friskies Canned Turkey flavors and Chicken flavors. They don’t meet all my criteria, but are as close as I can get from the Dollar Store. 

(The Tasty Bits or the Cheese and Gravy or the Filets. Not the shreads.  They are nasty.)  

I like some of the more wholesome foods and you can experiment with those.  My kitties didn’t think much of the taste. Click here.

It took a while to convince my kitties that they couldn’t live on salty, crunchy, starchy crap.  They liked the dry crunchy things just like kids like potato chips. But they adjusted. They get a few tiny pieces of dry every once in a while.  Just for treats.  

The kitties that I have raised this way are lean and healthy.  Beautiful coats. No hairballs. No diabetes because they are not overweight.  No trouble with urinary crystals. Less poop in the litterpan too. Sweet.

My three big boys get a total of 4 cans a day.  $0.50 per can.