Tapeworms are the most commonly seen worms in cats and adult dogs.  Several products are out there. Pick one with praziquantel.  Not albendazole.  

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Tapeworms look like little dry grains of rice around the anus.  When they are fresh, they move around on the feces.    

See this gross video.         

And some more pictures and information here.  

This praziquantel dewormer is a 100% wipeout.  All  the tapeworms will die and dissolve.  BUT, the worm eggs are carried by fleas.  In 30 days, if you have fleas, you will have tapeworms again.  

Over the counter  “Triple Dewormer” products usually have Praziquantel in them.  Read the label.   

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Don’t confuse praziquantel with “piperazine” which is totally useless and shouldn’t be sold.   Also “pyrantel” is easy to confuse with praziquantel. Read carefully.  

Hookworms and roundworms are the ones to really worry about.  You won’t see these in the poop. (You might rarely see a spaghetti-looking roundworm)  But these are the deadly ones. You need a microscope to see the eggs in a fecal sample.  So you need a vet. Puppies die every day from hookworms living in their intestines and sucking their blood.  Roundworms make puppies appear bloated while losing weight. By 21 days of age, almost all puppies are infested, even if their mamas have been tested as worm-free.  

Here’s a You Tube of what the worms look like in the poop.  They appear after you give dewormers.

I deworm arbitrarily for hooks and rounds in all puppies and kittens, using Pyrantel Pamoate.  This is the same as Nemex 2, Strongid and some other brands.  I give 50mg pyrantel for every 10 pounds of dog or puppy. This is several times the dose recommended on the bottle.  But it’s that safe. Give to all puppies and kittens orally at 14, 21 and 28 days of age. Older pups need two doses 14 days apart to break the worms’ life-cycle.  

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PetSmart’s brand has 4.54mg of Pyrantel Pamoate per teaspoon.  So you need 12cc   (2 1/2 teaspoons) for a 10-pound dog or cat.  A lot more than the label says.  So this might not be as economical as it seems.  And you have to do it twice. It also comes in tablets.  

Then there are whipworms.  A big deal in adult dogs.  Dogs lose weight, and may have occasional diarrhea and vomiting.  You won’t see the worms in the poop. The dogs just look sick. I use Ivermectin or Albendazole to deworm.  Nothing else gets these worms.  

Here’s Albendazole.  You have to pick the size that corresponds to your dog’s weight.  You need to give this three days in a row. (6 for Giardia infections).  There are three packages in each box. It says it gets tapeworms, but it doesn’t.  

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Ivermectin comes in the injectable form for deworming cattle.  The dose for whipworms also wipes out hooks and rounds.  Not tapeworms however.

I give 1/10cc per 10 pounds of dog by mouth.  This is a very tiny dose.  Drops. You need a tiny syringe to measure it.  Not for collies or shelties or border collies. They are allergic to it.  

There is a generic ivermectin product available that I am sure you have read about on the internet.  IVOMEC 1% Ivermectin Injectable Dewormer for Cattle.

If you measure it very carefully, you can use this form safely.  

Tractor Supply and other stock supply companies have the injectable 1% ivermectin for cattle at about $40 per 50cc bottle.  Click here to see it.   Don’t get the form that you pour on cows’ backs.  It’s not the same. Don’t buy the paste dewormer for horses.  It can’t be measured in small enough doses to use safely. There are generic brands out there that are just fine.  When in doubt, get the IVOMEC brand itself.

You will also need a tiny syringe (1cc) to measure it carefully.  Mistakes are serious. This tiny syringe holds 1cc, which is the dose for a 100-pound dog.  Be careful.   Click here to order a syringe or two from Foster and Smith     And you need to order a big fat needle to suck out the Ivomec.  

Get a 20G 3/4 inch needle or two.  This ivermectin is very thick stuff.  

You are not going to inject it into the dog, though.  Just drip it on a treat.  

IVOMEC is also effective for preventing HEARTWORMS.  This is the same ingredient that you find in Heartgard.  A very tiny monthly dose is needed. See my article HERE.

You can actually find all the deworming products at Tractor Supply and at Animal Supply House in Rock Hill.  BE CAREFUL to check the ingredient labels!  And be careful with the dosages.  

And for your reading, here is a  good site from Cornell vet school about parasites in cats.