Start by reading the science and the theories. Click here for an article in Wikipedia.

The official vaccine recommendations from NC State’s Dr Richard Ford have been adopted by many progressive veterinarians….  

Click here for Dr Ford’s article on vaccines for dogs.  

And click here for cats.

Here are the official AAFP Guidelines for Cats 

and The 2011 AAHA Guidelines for Dogs 

And then there is my opinion.

The side effects of vaccination are real.  Mild allergic reactions occur.  Severe long-term effects have been discussed heatedly.  See what reactions are listed  in humans officially by CDC.

But,  conversely, there are real, well-known risks to NOT vaccinating.  Read about Polio for example.  Once it was a worldwide epidemic.  President Roosevelt had it, for godsake.  Vaccination virtually eliminated the disease.  

Distemper and Parvo are serious and  deadly puppy-hood viruses. They are easily spread, and can be brought into the house on your shoes.  Babies simply die of diarrhea, pneumonia and dehydration. They have zero protection unless their mothers have been previously vaccinated.  Then they also need a series of boosters beginning at 8 weeks of age …as their mama’s immunity wears off.  

I have seen enough puppies and kitties die to overcome my fears of vaccine reactions.  

I vaccinate moderately, much less often than I used to.   But I still vaccinate.  

So that’s my opinion., bottom line.

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